Technology Tracking Shopper Behavior


1: Bluetooth Movement Tracking Technology

  • Created by Proximus who has developed a way for retailers to anonymously track shopper movement through their store
  • Solution leverages battery-powered tags that transmit signals with Bluetooth energy
  • Technology can provide valuable information such as:
    • where the shopper went
    • where the shopper paused
    • how long the shopper was in the checkout area
    • when the shopper left the store

2. Problem Technology is Solving

  • Leveling the field with online stores who can identify exactly which productions consumers are looking at and tailor advertising to an individual based on that information, whereas brick-and-mortar stores do not have that option
  • Gives the store ability to determine the following:
    • which products are of most interest to shoppers
    • which aisles are over-crowded
    • when is traffic highest vs lowest
    • which aisles experience less traffic than others

3. Technology Stakeholders

  • Proximus, developer of technology; they are working to launch a version of the software that uses shopper cell phones instead of cart data
  • Brick and Mortar Retailers; consumers of technology
  • Shoppers

4. Implementing Technology

  • Trial has been completed with Nisa retailer in Spain
  • Rolling out with multiple Carrefour supermarkets now
  • After successful deployment of current model trials of an newer version can begin where the solution would use a retailers loyalty program that would track individuals via their mobile phones (as long as they opted in)



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