Innovative Way to Store Energy

  1. Sustainability Problem

Energy: Complying with energy demands can be a problem with solar or wind power sources. For example, wind blows at unpredictable times and sunshine can vary greatly due to weather and season. Thus, energy generation by these renewable sources cannot always match with fluctuating energy demands.  It is why energy storage of these renewable energy sources is needed.

  1. Technology

Article:  LightSail Energy — The Key to Grid Scale Wind and Solar Power?

by Lih-Hann Chiu

  • LightSail energy allows energy to be stored into tanks of compressed air packed in the form of common shipping container form
  • The containers can be stacked to create large reservoirs of stored excess energy from wind and solar power sources when energy demand is low
  • The stored energy can be converted back to electricity when demand increases
  • LightSail’s compressed air batteries are cheap, safe, long-lasting, and scalable


  1. Organizational Stakeholders
  • LightSail Energy Inc.
  • Investors
  • Wind and Solar Power Industry
  • Municipality of existing grid infrastructure


  1. Implementation
  • Founded in 2008 LightSail has acquired $58 million in funding from Investors for further research and testing
  • LightSail is currently in the process of conducting field tests throughout North America and later in Europe
  • It is one year away from being commercial




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