Hypoallergenic recycled carpet!

Sustainability challenge:Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 1.27.10 PM.png

Carpets can be a pain to people with breathing sensitivity, allergies and asthma. There is also a demand in the market for interior composed of sustainable materials (whether recycled, or has less carbon footprint in its production).

Additionally, more people are staying indoors for a lengthy period of time. Many entities are constantly looking at new strategies to make this unavoidable lifestyle healthier.

The Desso AirMaster carpet takes in and retains pollutant and fine dust particles (which can later be removed with a vacuum cleaner), thus creating a healthier indoor climate.

The engineered product provides a mechanical solution without the use of chemical additives – giving a permanent solution without side effects. This carpet is designed to be made partially with recycled carpets. It has been tested by asthma and allergy organizations that stated the carpet to be better at allergy prevention in comparison to hardwood flooring.


  • Desso company
  • Offices
  • Homeowners
  • Health related NGOS
    Green construction companies


Steps to deploy

  • Desso should network and brainstorm with green construction companies to find out specific market demands and thus tailor their products in that direction to have a wider catchment of consumers.
  • Desso should work together with health related NGOs to research how to constantly improve the positive impact of their product to indoor health.
  • Desso should network with important stakeholders such as office and homeowners and advertise the benefit of their products, which not many people know of. Health related NGOs can play a large part in lobbying efforts








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