Smog Sucking Tower

Dan Roosegaarde’s Smog-Sucking Tower Will Clean the Skies of China

by Cat DiStasio, Published 6/29/2016 on inhabitat at

1. Sustainability Problem: Health & Safety / Air quality

Over population and pollution leads to smog in densely populated areas. Smog poses many health and safety risks for humans and the environment. Smog kills about 4,000 people every day in China.

2. Technology: Smog Vacuum

  • 23 foot tall air purifier called Smog Free Tower (the designer also makes Smog Free Jewelry)
  • Sucks up smog from the top like a vacuum, filters the air, and then releases clean air through its six-sided vents
  • Can clean 30,000 cubic meters of air/hour
  • Uses green energy

3. Stakeholders

  • Governments
  • NGOS
  • Health and safety practitioners
  • City residents

4. Deployment

  • Raise awareness
  • Raise funding
  • Convince people that they need smog free towers in their city

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One thought on “Smog Sucking Tower

  1. This is a fascinating concept – the expression of the technology as an art installation, and the use of captured pollutants to produce jewelry, is a very creative way to engage public interest. The prototype tower will be taken on a tour around China later this year, and it will be interesting to see whether it can generate enough interest to secure a permanent installation.


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