Sprav: A Device That Alerts You When It’s Time To Get Out of the Shower

Problem:  Although showering is an enjoyable experience for most people, too often we stay in the shower too long.  Water waste on top of increased energy and water heater bills is the result of this.  It’s a problem that does not have wide-spread awareness.

Technology:  The Sprav:  A simple device that clips onto your shower and blinks yellow when it’s almost time to get out of the shower, and red when your time is done.  This is a easy, and straightforward way for a person to know when they are using up too much water. It’s a small, low-power device that is at eye level.

Implementation: The biggest barrier to implementing will be to convince people that this is worth it.  People need to be made more aware of the extra money they are spending and the damaging effects water waste has on the environment.  After that’s in place, a large marketing campaign would be needed to educate the market.

Stakeholders: All homeowners that have a shower.  Everybody who showers regularly has an opportunity to pitch in and help save the environment with this device.


Source: http://www.fastcoexist.com/3020555/fund-this/a-simple-shower-warning-device-that-turns-red-when-youre-in-there-too-longed


2 thoughts on “Sprav: A Device That Alerts You When It’s Time To Get Out of the Shower

  1. The technology can give up a red, yellow or green light to reflect the water consumption. The light’s timing can also be changed/customized through a smartphone app. It can help people save money on bills. Should the person using the shower continues over 150% their average time, the clip will provide an audio cue.


  2. This is such a cool and simple concept. The first week I posted about Orbital Systems (https://orbital-systems.com/), which is quite expensive. This definitely provides a low cost alternative. If landlords could incentivize renters to use such a product, perhaps cities all over would see a drastic drop in water usage/expenditure.


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