Bioplastic Made of Shrimp Shells

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Problem: Plastics are incredibly bad for the environment, and are pretty much ubiquitous in our everyday lives. The majority of them don’t biodegrade and they often have harmful chemical byproducts (a part of the process of making them).

Tech/Solution: Bioplastics made of shrimp shells could provide an alternative to traditional plastic. They have natural chitin (insect cuticle), which provides the plastic with some of the flexibility and hardness that other bioplastics lack, “matching the strength of aluminum, with half the weight.” This could provide a cheap, eco-friendly alternative to many of the carbon-intensive plastics produced and thrown away each year.


  1. Future Generations
  2. Global Citizens who constantly use and discard plastic products
  3. Industries that utilize plastic

Implementation: Governments could provide tax incentives to large, multinational corporations (Apple, Sony, etc.) to start pilots that utilize these bioplastics in place of ordinary plastics (where possible).

2 thoughts on “Bioplastic Made of Shrimp Shells

  1. I have never heard of a technology like this but shrimp is the most widely eaten seafood and so there is definitely enough shells to go around.


  2. What an interesting idea- thanks for sharing! I think another good way to support implementation for this would be to incentivize restaurants that serve shrimp to gather their shells and send in for some sort of tax credit to ensure that their is an ample supply of this bio-plastic available for such companies to use as you suggested in our implementation plan.


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