Mumbai-based ‘power’-couple found a way to generate solar power and harvest rainwater from an ‘ulta chaata’

Sustainability Problem

Fresh water is one of the most precious things on earth and its importance increase every day. This project aims to harvest rainwater and energy for open spaces. It aims to reduce water demand from grid.

Technology Article Summary

It is basically an upside down umbrella harvest the rainwater and filters it up to 20 micros. It has also UV filtration and activated carbon filtration. Single unit catches up to 1.000.000 liters of water annually. Besides it has also add-on a PV module to harvest solar energy and produce lightning at night. Even able to sell the excess energy to grid via net metering system. It may also have a mobile charge unit. The total solar capacity is 1.5KW. Each of them takes 1 sqft of real estate and catches 360 sqft rainwater

And another thing is it is IOT enabled Each unit also has a RF sensor, which is wirelessly controlled through the phi­box. “Our current product is IoT-enabled. We build our own controls and sensors and write our own code which sits in what we call the ‘phi­box’ components, like the solar panel, battery management, lighting systems, water meter, self-cleaning filters are controlled through the box,” inventor says.


It depends on who is investing and where it is installed.

If it’s installed on residential. Residents are stakeholders

If it’s installed on parks, Tax payers and citizens are stakeholders.


It’s been installed in clusters of 10 pieces. Each merges into a single water tank. It pays itself in 4 years.

It can be installed in parks to feed water system and also it can be installed in residential to feed residents water demand.



One thought on “Mumbai-based ‘power’-couple found a way to generate solar power and harvest rainwater from an ‘ulta chaata’

  1. Fascinating idea using an upside down umbrella and it can be used for two purposes, something I am always trying to do with my ideas. Especially in a place where water and power are very scarce. The add on PV module is an added bonus as this “ulta chaata” provides light at night. Very cost efficient and ingenious.


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