Pineapple Leather is Here!


1: Leather Made out of Pineapple Technology

  • Sustainable non-woven textile is derived from pineapple leaves
  • The leather is durable and fully biodegradable
  • Created by company Ananas-Anam
  • Product is low cost compared to genuine leather ($33.90/sq meter vs $36-$56)

2. Problem Technology is Solving

  • This product is a big step towards removing animal textiles from the fashion industry
  • No extra land, water, fertilizers, or chemicals are used in the production process as the natural fibers used are the by product of the pineapple harvest
  • This production of this leather supports the farming community in the Philippines
  • Farmers benefit from the output of natural fertilizer which is the by product of the fiber extraction process.

3. Technology Stakeholders

  • Ananas-Anam
  • Philippine Pineapple Farmers
  • Fashion Industry
  • Vegan and Pro-Animal Organization

4. Implementing Technology

  • Designer Taikkabags has begun using this leather in their products
  • Solicit new designer houses to begin featuring this leather in their portfolio of products to gain moment and popularity to the product
  • Create a partnership with an organization like PETA and Vegan organization who can help highlight the non-animal derived leather to others interested in such products



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