Solar Wallpaper

solar wallpaper

The Sustainability Problem

While solar panels have proven their effectiveness, many things about the way we makes solar panels today serve as barriers for use. One such problem is precisely that they have to come as panels made of non-flexible material and whose weight can add up once you place many panels onto a surface. As such, there are limited places where one could apply solar panels, and there is definitely a lot of concern around load bearing constructions.

The Technology

Sunflare, a company in China, developed a new solar surface that does not require panels. According to this article, they describe the new technology as:

Compared to traditional crystalline silicon solar panels, Sunflare solar panels are flexible because they do not use a glass substrate — rather, its substrate is a thin, high quality stainless steel. Likewise, Sunflare solar panels are lighter and thinner than traditional crystalline silicon because they are made of thinner layers of chemical elements and a lighter, stainless steel substrate.

“Our solar panels are easier to install because they don’t need a frame to support the panels,” said Gao. “In fact, the panels can be secured to any surface with a special double-sided tape.”

Given this development, there are now many new applications for the solar wallpaper, allowing a wider range of surfaces where they can be placed.


  • Other solar technology makers whose businesses may be affected
  • Current users of solar panels who may want to switch or complement their current systems
  • Current non-users of solar panels who found the cost or weight of panels too prohibitive but can use solar wallpaper
  • Environmental agencies and nonprofits


  • Create demo buildings for easiest uses of solar wallpaper (in factories, logistics centers, offices, etc.)
  • Create case studies for innovative uses of the solar wallpaper material (solar roads, solar bus stands, etc.)
  • Create payment plans that allow more people to afford the technology






One thought on “Solar Wallpaper

  1. I really like the idea, It PV technology is develpoing rapidly and i think even this thecnolog which enables PV modules to be wraped has much more advantages besides being applicable to wieder areas such as transportation costs as it is wrapable and besides I think thus they can more enduring and of course light ! which also reduce the cost of fixing the panal.


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