Safer Roads with Virtual Reality Experience

  1. Sustainability Problem: Drunk driving is unsafe for cities, as it causes accidents and fatalities.
  2.  Sustainable Technology: Immersion Virtual Reality (VR) Technology
    • Enables people to experience what it is like to be in a car driven by a drunk driver; consumer’s point of view is from the passenger seat.
    • Diageo, a large alcohol brands company is developing a platform that will be used on Facebook, YouTube, and VR headsets, as well as a sit in experience available at sporting events and concerts.
    • To reduce traffic death and promote safer roads and cities, Diageo partnered with the UN Institute for Training and Research to use this technology for training activities held in 15 countries starting this month (July 2016).
    • The VR will address issues around decisions made when drinking, with the ultimate goal to change consumer behavior to reduce harm caused by drunk driving, and to create a responsible drinking mission.
  3. Stakeholders:
    • Vayner Media – creating, producing, developing, and distributing the immersive experience technology
    • Diageo – brands include: Johnnie Walker, Crown Royal, Bulleit and Buchanan’s, Smirnoff, Cîroc, Ketel One vodkas, Captain Morgan
    • United Nations Institute for Training and Research
    • Participants (government officials, young people)
    • People affected by drunk driving; pedestrians, passengers
  4.  Implementation:
    1. Market technology experience to countries with the highest drunk driving incident rate
    2. Partner with organizations to hold VR experience at events. In July 2016, the training will be brought to government officials, awareness-raising road shows for young people, and high-level conferences.
    3. Track metrics on drunk driving rates over time to test if technology is making a difference.



Sustainable Brands Article – 7/7/2016


One thought on “Safer Roads with Virtual Reality Experience

  1. The concept of safer roads using technology is definitely the way we are headed – when we think about new technologies in transportation, things like Google’s self driving car, Tesla, and Uber come to mind. By implementing better technology to prevent human error behind the wheel, use of technology like VR among other things, is not key but also well underway to becoming a reality. However, there is also a long asset life for vehicles which makes the adoption process much longer.


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