Solar Powered Aircraft to Encourage Clean Energy Use on Land

1) Sustainability problem: Energy

Globalization has made it possible to reach even the most remote areas on this planet. But fulfilling wanderlust desires by conventional air travel relies on unclean energy and pollutes our atmosphere.

2) Technology: Solar Impulse 2

Article: Sun Powered Solar Impulse Plane Next Last Leg Worldwide Journey by Doyle Rice, Published 7/11/2016 on USA Today at–last-leg-worldwide-journey/86943808/

  • First solar airplane to fly day and night without any fuel
  • It took 12 years of R&D to create the environmentally friendly aircraft, which has almost completed its journey around the world
  • The solar powered aircraft has come to life using smart energy systems, energy efficient electric motors, low density thermal insulation, energy dense batteries, lightweight LEDS, ultralight materials, and protective resins over the solar cells
  • Currently runs much slower than commercial aircrafts, for instance, its journey from Japan to Hawaii took nearly 5 days (without stopping)

3) Organizational Stakeholders:

  • Airlines
  • Clean energy providers
  • Clean energy supporters
  • Oil/fuel suppliers and stakeholders

4) Propose the first 3 steps in deploying this technology

  • Complete the last two journeys around the globe
  • Identify the correlation between the project completion and the project mission statement, “if an airplane can fly several days and nights in a row with no fuel, then clean technologies can be used on the ground to reduce our energy consumption, and create profit and jobs”
  • Use the identified correlation between the Solar Impulse 2 and mission statement to promote clean energy and raise money for a larger impact project


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