Residential Solar Systems-How an off grid solar systems work



SUSTAINABLE ENERGY: Using the most up to date photovoltaic solar panels to completely go off the grid only using a sustainable energy source, the sun.

There is an “Off the grid method” which uses a battery system to store energy and there is also an “On the grid method” which is connected to the grid. The preferred method for me is the “Off the grid method”, since you will be completely free from the electric company.



The following “Off the grid method”makes this technology interesting, saves money and completely reduces green house gas emissions:

  • the solar module collects the suns energy and converts it to DC power.
  • a charge controller regulates power to the batteries so they do not overcharge.
  • an inverter converts DC power to AC for use in the home.
  • a battery bank stores power for evening hours.
  • as a last resort there is a backup generator if needed when battery bank is low.



  • Homeowners
  • Solar and Electrical contractors
  • Solar manufacturers


To sell this technology and to help people choose this for their new or existing home we propose the following:

  • explain the simplicity of the system and how easy it can be installed and start saving money for the homeowner immediately after it is installed. Can pay for itself in five years.
  • promote the state and government tax incentives to help save the homeowner money.
  • advertise the energy and money savings throughout the region and get more people talking about the benefits which can be the best source of advertising and it is free. Can save on average up to $2,000.00 a year.









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