Sensordrone: The 6th Sense of Your Smartphone



Problem:  People do not have easy access to sensors that detect key aspects of life such as carbon monoxide levels, humidity levels, altitude levels, etc.  Although there are ways to pull each of these measurements independently, it is not a simple task and there is not one central device that can gather all of the data.

Technology:  With the Sensordrone app, your smartphone will have 12 sensors that can measure a wide array of vital components.  These sensors allow you the ability to learn all about your surroundings beyond what the eye can see. It is a platform that lives in a small sensor that can be latched on to your keys or wallet.  The information is all uploaded automatically to your phone.

Stakeholders: Any consumer that wants to be more in touch with their surroundings.  Parents who want to ensure that their family is safe, or building owners that want to maximize air quality would be two key examples of potential users.

Implementation:  Because the capabilities are not obvious at first glance, a decent size marketing campaign would be needed to create the necessary market awareness.  Once that is achieved, the installation of the device would be a seamless process given the user-friendly interface.




2 thoughts on “Sensordrone: The 6th Sense of Your Smartphone

  1. Hi Brandon – great post, thank you for sharing. I think this technology is great because I am a person who is really interested in what conditions exist in my home/surroundings from a safety and health perspective. I think this is great to be able to test areas where you may not typically invest money to put implement sensors for constant monitoring. I may need to get one!


  2. This is a great idea. I would suggest as a next step to partner with epidemiologists to track asthma, lead poisoning or other environmental health hazards.


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