Body Chemistry Bio Sensor


Problem: Treating illness is expensive. In America, annual healthcare expenditures are well into the trillions, and around 75% of the treated illnesses are chronic yet should be preventable/manageable. Additionally, people are living longer but not necessarily better, especially in the last quarter of life.

Technology:  A body chemistry sensor called Lumee from Profusa constantly monitors localized tissue activity, specifically recording data on glucose and oxygen levels. Closely monitoring these metrics, could prevent diabetic patients who experience neuropathy from requiring amputations. Furthermore, as the technology becomes more advanced, the hope is that it will be able to detect if the body is out of homeostasis for any reason, with the intent of diagnosing other diseases at the onset.


  1. Profusa
  2. Citizens of the world
  3. Medical community
  4. Governments that want to simultaneously improve public health and reduce medical costs

Implementation: I think a great way to kick this off would be to institute a pilot with diabetic patients who have a particularly difficult time managing their insulin and/or patients who are experiencing consistent complications with diabetic neuropathy. If successful health insurance companies could either subsidize the cost for patients, or incentivize hospitals and medical practices to offer the technology.



One thought on “Body Chemistry Bio Sensor

  1. Thanks for sharing this new technology! I like your implementation strategy to begin with diabetic patients. I wonder if this device would be comfortable to wear 24/7? I imagine some people would find it frustrating to have a device attached at all times, especially elderly patients. I think it would be easier to get willing participates that are younger as they are more open to these types of technological advances. In addition, I worry that the parts of the world that need this most will not be able to afford it.


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