Cleaning the air we breathe


Pollution is one of the main concerns in the big cities around the world. Countries like the UK, China, and Mexico, among others have struggled with smog through decades, but this problem seems to keep increasing. The problem is that as population grows, and the consumption patterns stay unchanged, it has been virtually impossible to decrease the emissions that cause smog.


Ironically, it was in a country that does not suffer from this problem where the first smog filtering tower was created. This 7-meter tower was installed in Rotterdam, and uses filters in its interior to literally inhale polluted air and exhaling bubbles of clean air.Tower


  • Local governments of polluted cities.
  • National and state governments where the cities are located.
  • Population in general.


As mentioned, this is the first installed tower. The creators are hoping to find NGOs or government allies to scale it up. Resources are needed to improve the functioning of the tower aand decreasing their costs, which seems crucial to reach development countries which are the most vulnerable to this problem.


2 thoughts on “Cleaning the air we breathe

  1. This technology has a lot of potential to do good in the future, especially in developing countries where as you mentioned, air quality is extremely poor. Do you have any ideas on how many towers would be required to have a visible impact on air quality i.e. is there a scale of some sort that can be used to say ok, we need this many towers in a city like Mumbai?


  2. I’m glad New York City has started to this initiative in trying to clean its own air through these filter systems. But how often do these filters have to be replaced? And would it be very costly?


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