Converting Polyethylene into Fuel


1: New Technology is able to break down polyethylene

  • Researchers found a way to breakdown the bonds of polyethylene (ex: bottles, bags, and films) into useful liquid fuels and waxes
  • New technique is less toxic and less energy-intensive than traditional approaches which can break down the polymers’ chemical bonds
  • Innovative technique uses alkanes to scramble and separate the polymer molecules into other compounds.
  • Substances needed for the technology are byproducts from oil refinement and are readily available and no pre-treatment is required

2. Technology Problem is Solving

  • Large volume of synthetic plastic use in the modern world has led to serious environmental problems
  • Creating a new source of liquid fuel and address the issue of plastic pollution
  • Current method to rework the plastic is to head to over 700 degrees Fahrenheit so implantation of this new approach will be energy saving

3. Technology Stakeholders

  • All consumers of plastic polyethylene products
  • Oil refineries whose by products will be used
  • Treatment facilities who currently break down polyethylene
  • Mother Nature who won’t be so polluted 🙂

4. Implementing Technology

  • Complete full pilot program utilizing the new technique to prove full capability
  • Partner with oil refinery to receive steady supply of by products needed
  • Roll out full scale across the countries and begin to measure energy savings across facilities


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