Green Concrete: Hycrete


Sustainability Problem

The process to make concrete is extremely energy-intensive. Manufacturing one metric ton of cement releases 650 to 920 kilograms of CO2. The nearly 3 billion metric tons of cement that were produced worldwide last year accounted for about 5% of all CO2 emissions.


Hycrete’s hydrophobic concrete admixtures start life as water-soluble, environmentally friendly, Cradle To Cradle certified materials. Dosed into concrete, they combine with metallic ions supplied by cement, forming water-insoluble polymers, and can increase concrete durability.

1. Hydrophobic Pore Blocking. The polymers in Hycrete admixtures block pores in the concrete. The absorption of water in the concrete is dramatically reduced. Water and absorbed salts stay out of the concrete.

2. Corrosion Inhibition. Ionic in nature, the molecules in Hycrete admixtures also bind to the surface of any steel reinforcement in the concrete, forming passivating layers and minimizing rebar corrosion. Hycrete admixtures also barrier diffusion of ions through water that does absorb into the concrete, providing an extra layer of defense against corrosive agents, giving superior rebar protection.


  • Consumers of concrete: individuals, government, businesses, etc.
  • Concrete companies

Steps to implementation

  • Conduct testing and get certified to use Hycrete for government construction jobs (bridges, tunnels)
  • Create plan to take Hycrete commercial and scale it.
  • Make business relationships with existing concrete companies.





One thought on “Green Concrete: Hycrete

  1. This could be very useful in big cities. For example, New York suffers from constant potholes that are harmful to vehicles, and an eyesore for people in general, especially during the winter time. Water is absorbed into the concrete and expands and contracts, causing breaks. The use of this green concrete could help alleviate some the “terrible roads” burden on New Yorkers and keep our cars in better condition.


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