Keep cool and save money

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Reducing energy usage

During the summer months energy usage to power air conditioners, fans and other electronic devices not only can put a strain on the local energy company but it can also put on strain on people’s wallet. Not only is an empty wallet irritating but coming home to a hot humid day after riding a crowded subway is also annoying. Looking into ways to save energy, provide a cool apartment and saving money is on the horizon.


  • Mentions how GE, Frigidaire and Friedrich are looking into technologies that could turn on air conditioning remotely
  • Friedrich partnered with ThinkEco provides customers remote operational control and energy demand response
  • This gives more incentives for people to join their utility company’s “smart energy program”
  • Electrolux has also partnered with ThinkEco and created a cash incentive with local utilities

Website: Twice,

Title: “GE Launches First Smart ACs; Friedrich, Frigidaire Flaunt Power Grid Connection”

Author: Alan Wolf


  • AC companies
  • Home Appliance manufacturers
  • Retailers
  • Utility Companies
  • Customers

Deployment Strategy

  1. Partner with home appliance manufacturers
  2. Partner with utility companies after manufacturers are on board
  3. Create an incentive program for customers or integrate technology into “save energy program”
  4. Market to customers and educate them about the benefits

One thought on “Keep cool and save money

  1. I think it is very good thecnology​ in ther​ms of enabling users awareness. it is very hard to masure how small adjustments in home could lead big savings. such as simply changing 2 mostly used lamps into led lamp and these technologys​ could show excact​ly how it effects thus incentivize people to consume less and it is actually very simple technology reminds me one of my favorite sayings “humankind lend to moon before inventing 4 wheel luggage” 🙂


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