Smart hydration

1. Problem: Health & Safety

Individuals require vastly different amounts of water each day depending on their age, activity level, size and other factors such as pregnancy/medical conditions. This makes providing accurate recommendations to individuals difficult.
2. Pryme Vessyl prymeVessyl smart cups link biological data (age, weight, height, etc.) with data generated by fitness trackers to determine how much water a person should drink and when.
– The cup is outfitted with sensors that detect how much you’re drinking.
– If you aren’t drinking enough water, the cup will ping you.
– This solution may prove especially useful for athletes, pregnant/nursing women and others who require more hydration than the average person.
3. Stakeholders
– Athletes/athletic organizations
– The medical community
– Pryme (the manufacturers of Vessyl)
4. Implementation
– Target advertising of the device towards athletic societies, organizations and teams.
– Perform research on hydration needs associated with certain medical conditions.
– Develop compatibility with FitBit (currently only available for Apple Health and Jawbone)

2 thoughts on “Smart hydration

  1. I definitely need this product!
    I used to have an iPhone app where I would note each time I take a drink of water. But on busy days I forget and just can’t keep track. If the glass could do it for me then that makes it a whole lot easier!


  2. I think this could definitely go beyond just athletes. Sometimes at work I become too engrossed in what I am doing and I forget to drink water. It would be useful for me because then I could keep hydrated and not get headaches because I am dehydrated. It would be cool to implement this app for when plants need water. A lot of the times I over water my plants or under water them so it would be neat to see if this could be applied for that!


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