Luminous Highways May Improve Road Safety

1. Sustainability Problem

  • Vehicles are evolving to become more efficient and safe, but roads are not.  Highways can more energy efficient and safe for drivers.

2. Technology

  • Heijmans is applying technology to make roads glow-in-the-dark.  This technology is a paint that absorbs solar energy during the day and glows at night.
  • The results are increased visibility and safety.
  • This technology requires no electricity and can be effective even during power outages and locations away from the grid.

3. Stakeholders

  • Urban Planners
  • Government
  • Drivers

4. Implementation

  • Continue testing in areas that have low visibility at night and that can benefit from the energy savings.
  • Try testing with more bike paths in case this is viewed by the public as more practical or useful.  It may be easier to implement more bike paths than it is highways in the beginning.
  • Gather data on energy savings for the city and increased safety from the public.


One thought on “Luminous Highways May Improve Road Safety

  1. This technology can be very much applicable to cities like Tucson, Arizona where the roads are not well light. Light pollution is avoided in Tucson due to the presence of astronomical observatories. As well, many car headlights are found to be not bright enough, so this luminous highway technology can aid with road lighting without giving unnecessary glare.


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