Living Walls Filter Indoor Air

  1. Sustainability Problem: Dirty Air Inside
  2. Sustainable Technology: Biome
    • “Living” walls remove toxins from air inside homes and offices
    • Soil free green walls that sustainably bioremediate indoor air pollution without filters
    • Creates jobs for design, manufacturing, and distribution
    • Air is 3-5 times more toxic inside than outside; it increases stress and causes health risks
    • Traditional filters are undesirable to put into spaces and aren’t as effective
  3. Stakeholders
    1. Biome company employees
    2. Office builders
    3. Companies with poor indoor air quality
    4. Office workers and home owners
    5. Investors
  4. Implementation
    • Biome is currently pitching the technology to VERGE Accelerate in order to gain additional funding
    • Network, market, and sell technology to businesses
    • Track metrics and test technology in different buildings to ensure it works ; VERGE Accelerator  ; J1 Article



3 thoughts on “Living Walls Filter Indoor Air

  1. Thank you for sharing! This is really awesome and I wish I had it in my office or least a plant on my desk. I clicked on the link to Biome’s website and I couldn’t find any information on the technology they use instead of standard soil. It is very intriguing to me how they can make plants live and last without any soil and say that it is more efficient than natural processes.


  2. In many cases the best solutions are the ones that have existed for millions of years. Living walls can be used indoors and outdoors and have multiple benefits including removing toxins from the air, releasing energy, reducing the heat island effect, and providing an aesthetic pleasing to the eyes, which helps bolster emotional well being. One of the best ways we can counter many of our self-created problems is to grow more plants and trees. Many office buildings have indoor atriums, like the Ford Foundation in midtown, that help improve air quality in the building. Thank you for sharing. spm2163


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