starter solar kitSolar Panel Starter Kit-10 w potential


SAVING ENERGY-This introduction starter kit is for the homeowners that are hesitant about making the switch to solar panels as the home’s main power source. Cost is about $200.00. Larger kits are available for a larger fee of course.  This is a great way for the homeowner to “sort of get their feet wet”.


TECHNOLOGY-The product name is Solar Starter Kit and they come equipped to handle different power capacities. The name of the company is Solar Home.

  • Photovoltaic solar panels are becoming more efficient and less costly all the time. Most homeowners are hesitant about making a huge investment for tens of thousands of dollars for a solar panel installation.
  • There are solar starter kits that include everything the homeowner needs to see if solar is right for them. The starter kit will not be able to fully power your home, however you will be able to see the potential for that.
  • They can be “grid tied” or “off the grid”. If it is grid tied it will work with your existing power hookup. The solar panel will power to it’s full potential and the power company will make up the difference.
  • If it is not grid tied it will use battery backup and the excess energy will be stored for a later use in the battery.



  • Homeowners
  • Solar Companies
  • Electrical companies



  • Simple advertisements and fair pricing will sell these products. Once people realize the potential for savings they will most likely further invest in a complete system.
  • Starter kits come with the following: a 10w framed solar panel, a solar charge controller, 18 amp-hr SLA  battery, a female light socket with fuse holder, all wiring and instructions needed.
  • This panel outputs about .6 amps per hour of sun. At 5 hours of sun per day, the panel will generate about 3 amp hour per day of energy at 12 volts. There are larger systems that can be purchased.
  • This is a great way to be gently introduced to how a solar installation works.










2 thoughts on “SOLAR STARTER KITS

  1. This looks super useful for people who are interested in solar. But its still really opaque and confusing to a new homeowner that doesnt know anything about solar. I would add these implementations steps:
    -marketing materials should include a translation of specs into real world examples. What could this unit power and for how long once its charged?
    -marketing materials should make it clear the path to upgrading to larger systems if the homeowner likes solar
    -marketing should consider targeting renters that may have less power needs and smaller space to install infrastructure if the landlord is not going solar for the whole building
    -starter kit should come with a user manual written for everyday people not just technology enthusiasts


  2. ar3354
    It’s amazing how much humanity can play a responsible role in leveraging such simple yet sustainable solutions like what you have posted. It could make a difference for an aspiring student to study, for a doctor to perform a small surgery in regions of the world where there is no electricity. Thanks for sharing this!


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