Pure Lives Water Filtration System

  • Kid-Wearing-Purelives.pngSustainability problem
    • Clean water is a scarce or unaffordable resource for people in developing countries.  Further, natural disasters or man-made crises such as war place millions of people in new refugee camps that lack infrastructure to provide water to all of the residents.
  • Technology and how it connects to problem
    • Purelives is a 5 gallon water filtration and transportation system allowing it to be used at home or at a water source and carried back to the home.
    • The filter can work with any fresh water source (wells, rivers, etc) and removes 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, heavy metal and other contaminants
    • Filter lasts for 3000-5000 gallons and stops allowing water through when it needs to be changed so there is no risk of using filters that are no longer appropriately cleaning water.
  • Stakeholders
    • NGOs, especially disaster relief
    • Residents of developing countries with poor water sources
    • Workers in fields away from water sources
    • Campers
  • Implementation steps
    • Rebrand the company and product.  “Portapure” reminds readers of sanitation (portapotties) and Pure Life is a name for a number of  organizations (some religious) that focuses on sexual issues.
    • Partner with NGOs to pilot the usage and understand real world challenges for using the system- how do you supply replacement filters, etc?
    • Develop a pricing model that can meet low income people in developing countries, for example, microfinance leveraging community peer groups to ensure repayment.




One thought on “Pure Lives Water Filtration System

  1. This a great technology for many developing nations facing freshwater problems! But how much is such a technology? And how long does it take for the technology to filter the water out?


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