A recycling machine that turns office paper into fresh toilet paper

The problem:

Due to the huge use of paper sheets in offices, these account for a high proportion of their solid waste and contribute to deforestation. Although recycling bins are common, it is sometimes hard to find out where all that trash ends up and if it is even recycled.

The technology

To solve that problem, in Japan they have invented the White Goat, an on-site machine that turns office paper into fresh toilet paper. All you need to do is put in 40 A4 sheets to produce one roll of toilet paper. The machine has a shredder that tears the paper into little pieces, which are then dissolved in water in a pulper. After that, the pulp is thinned out, dried and rolled up to produce the toilet paper roll. It takes just 30 minutes and its operating costs are calculated at 11 cents (US$) per roll. The use of this recycling machine can save an average of 60 trees per year.


  • All organizations that have offices
  • Employees
  • Oriental


Oriental is the company that designed and manufactures the White Goat. They presented it in EcoProducts 2009.

Source: http://www.coolthings.com/white-goat-recycles-used-office-paper-into-fresh-toilet-paper/


5 thoughts on “A recycling machine that turns office paper into fresh toilet paper

  1. This is such a great idea. My office wastes so much paper and they spend a lot of money on the seventh generation toilet paper. This would totally cut costs and be sustainable.


  2. I’m concerned about the overall waste reduction of this recycling machine. As mentioned in the article, yes it is reducing the amount of trees, but how about the electricity and water needed to produce the toilet paper. We may not know how effective this machine is until we have the numbers for water and electricity use.


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