Aerogels Could Be the Future of Housing Insulation

  1. Problem
  • Energy, Safety and Health – Energy efficiency is a major concern within homes and buildings. Improper insulation can lead to a decrease in energy efficiency.  Also fire resistant materials are always needed for homes.

2. Technology

  • Aspen Aerogels, known for producing insulating material for oil and gas pipelines and in aerospace, is selling its aerogels insulation material to make existing buildings more energy efficient.  This aerogels material is 90% air which makes it very effective and lightweight insulation.
  • The cost is more than other options of insulation.  However, according to the company, this type of insulation has 2 to 4 times the insulating value per inch compared to fiberglass or foam.
  • This material is very fire resistant as well.
  • Outside of its industrial use aerogels has only been applied in retrofits of existing buildings so far.

3. Stakeholders

  • Building owners
  • Tenants
  • Building inspectors

4. Implementation

  • Continue to utilize opportunities within existing buildings that need better insulation.  These buildings can include ones that legally need to make changes or voluntarily want to insulate better.
  • Research opportunities within new building construction that can benefit from this insulation material.  Due to cost, the buildings may be limited to those with larger budget and/or incentives.
  • Continue to drive prices as low as possible to make aerogels accessible to the whole market.

One thought on “Aerogels Could Be the Future of Housing Insulation

  1. The nanomaterial’s particular porous structure is what makes heat difficult to pass through these aerogels.
    Due to the high cost of this product, the manufacturers focus on targeting for in high end industrial use. This includes insulating gas and oil pipelines. A number of aerogel companies are nevertheless starting to offer thin blankets to replace cellulose insulation or traditional fiberglass.


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