Alternative outdoor cooking

Sustainable problem

The use of fossil fuel for cooking at home or in camping grounds is a growing concern for health and environmental reasons around the world. Moreover, open fires and fire pit construction are also frowned upon (at times prohibited) due to similar reasons. Demands have strongly arisen for a more sustainable alternative.


Sustainable technology


The BioLite basecamp allows people to use found wood (smaller pieces of wood e.g. branches) as fuel. This is due to the product’s design which allows efficient use of heat. A diffusion layer of the stove particularly helps to spread heat evenly across the grill area. The BioLite Basecamp has been said to produce 94% less smoke than traditional stoves, addressing health concerns.


While being used to cook/grill, the BioLite also has a charging station for gadgets that uses the exact same energy source. The grill is also completed with a battery to store electricity for later use.



  • BioLite company
  • Investors
  • Environmental/ health concerned costumers
  • Environmental/health NGOs



Deploying technology

  • Biolite needs to partner with environmental NGOs to promote their product more extensively worldwide (especially in regions where there is still high use of fossil fuel for cooking).
  • Environmental NGOs should try to pressure distributors for this healthier alternative. Environmentally concerned costumers who are familiar with BioLite may be able to help champion this product.
  • BioLite need to network with new investors and maintain good relationship with existing investors to accumulate funding for research to constantly improve the technology. A particular aspect the product can work on is perhaps reducing its weight/bulk which will be tricky but can be unique value point to the product. Research to try and reduce the production price will also be definitely helpful.





One thought on “Alternative outdoor cooking

  1. Damn, I’m going camping tomorrow and this sounds like an awesome thing to have. Awesome that you can also use it to power phones and things. I wonder how much it would cost…


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