Cycling your way into Everyday Life



Rural population in developing nations often lack of access to energy and mores specifically electricity. This lowers their level of life, and pushes them to consume energy with hi emissions, that results in health problems such a wood burning.


Maya pedal is an NGO located in Guatemala las builds and distributes machines based on reused bicycles in order for the people to perform everyday activities with their own energy. Blender, Water Pump, Nut-Sheller, Coffee Depulper, and Metal Sharpener, are just a few examples of the big range of models they have to offer.


  • Local population.
  • National, state and local governments governments.
  • NGOs


The model has to be scaled up in Guatemala and to other countries. The implementation is not that hard because the machines can be created by the population, but they do need technical assistance to read and follow the manuals. For this to happen, a partnership with other local NGO´s could be useful to expand the network.


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