Largest Wind Farm in the United States Could be off the Coast of New York

Deepwater Alstom turbines - use this one

1) The sustainability problem addressed in the proposed Long Island offshore wind project is the mitigation and dependence on fossil fuels and the need for more renewable energy resources like solar and wind generation.

2) While wind energy is not a new technology, the plan for the 90 megawatt farm, 30 miles east of Montauk is a huge development in offshore wind generation in the United States. The wind farm could produce enough electricity to power roughly 50,000 Long Island homes.

On July 20 the Long Island Power Authority was scheduled to vote on the production of a the 15 turbine wind farm by developer Deepwater Wind, LLC. However, despite blessings by Governor Cuomo and top LIPA execs, the utility’s Board of Trustees abruptly delayed the vote, citing a request be the New York State Energy Research Development Authority to hold off until Albany releases an “off-shore wind master plan”.

3) Stakeholders of this technology are the residents of Long Island, the New York renewable power industry trying to reach the Governors goal of 50% renewable energy by 2030, Deepwater Wind LLC, the developer of the project, Long Island Power Authority who is operated by Public Service Enterprise Group Inc., and the citizens of New York State that would benefit from more clean energy to prevent the worsening affects of climate change.

4) The state is expected to unveil its wind-energy strategy in the next weeks. Additionally, the LI project agreement on pricing may be reached early next year, and if there are no further delays (this is the second postponed vote on the project, the first was on June 20, 2016), the wind farm could be completed by 2020. Unfortunately, it seems bureaucratic tendencies may have hindered the approval of the largest off shore wind farm in the United States. Despite this setback, Deepwater Wind LLC,is currently building the first US offshore wind farm off Block Island, Rhode Island, a 30 megawatt project.

The next steps of implementation require Albany to release their off-shore wind master plan to allow for Deepwater Wind to make any modifications or changes to the project, then move forward with a pricing agreement and then construction an begin.

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