Minimizing Food Waste



Reducing food waste

Most people forget what they have in their fridge, especially if it is in one of the drawers or in the way back. It is such a pain to come home from the grocery store with a bag of eggplants just to see you had three eggplants in that drawer no one opens.One solution would be to make eggplant parmigiana but if you don’t have the time or the eggplants are moldy, the old eggplants will turn into food waste. .


  • Samsung is realeasing a new frige in the UK in the Fall; it is called the Family Hubrefrigerator
  • The refrigerator is connected to the internet by wifi and it has three cameras so people can see what is in their fridge while shopping.
  • Amaxon’s Alexa is also a feature and the fridge could take notes, play music, etc.
  • It has a triple cooling system to keep your food fresher for longer (no bad eggplants!)

Website: The Guardian,

Title: “Tech Innovations that could reduce food waste”

Author: Rebecca Smithers


  • Consumers
  • Retailers
  • Samsung

Deployment Strategy

  1. Create a marketing and add campaign
  2. Work with retailers in certain regions for pilot program
  3. See if demand is there and if it is release in other regions
  4. Create a rebate incentive to get more customers

One thought on “Minimizing Food Waste

  1. This is the perfect example of a technology that is meant for a person like me. I think its great and I love it. Hope its not very expensive!


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