CropX: Second Generation Soil Moisture Sensor


With a growing population and an increasing demand for food, agricultural systems and water systems are becoming increasingly pressured. With such mass production, the agricultural industry is shifting towards more automated systems to improve efficiency. That efficiency and automation must also be applied to water use, as water becomes more and more scarce.



This second generation CropX is a soil sensor that transmits information on the soil moisture of a particular field to a mobile device. It sends out alerts so that farmers are aware when their fields are getting too dry and need to be watered. Farmers can then turn on their irrigation systems (also from their devices) until the CropX sensors tell them that the field has been sufficiently irrigated. This efficiency ensures that plants are not being overwatered, that there isn’t an unnecessary amount of water being wasted, and allows farmers to scale up their production since they no longer need to check all the fields themselves but can receive relevant information on the go.

The improvement with these second generation sensors is that they can be installed by the farmers themselves and take less than 5 minutes to set up. This makes the sensors much more user friendly and easy to manage. Older sensors took about 20 minutes per sensor to install and were much more complicated.


Video on Second Generation Crop X:


  • CropX
  • Engineers
  • Investors (Bayer, Bosch etc.)
  • Farmers


  • CropX recently received significant investment from Bayer and Robert Bosch Venture Capital and Flex.
  • Next step would be to work with farmers and teach them about the benefits of such technology
  • Help farmers implement the technology on their fields
  • Implement this technology in developing regions that are trying to produce more but suffer from water scarcity

2 thoughts on “CropX: Second Generation Soil Moisture Sensor

  1. I really love this product. Still, in the state of California, despite the intense drought they are current experiencing, over 40% of farms still use flood irrigation. It’s simply insane that better tech such as this, is not being utilized by CA farmers.


  2. Thanks for this article! Given that approximately 92% of the world’s freshwater is used for global agriculture annually, a product like this offers huge potential savings through more efficient water use. Costs may be an inhibiting factor for implementation and CropX could try and offer a long-term financing scheme to attract more users.


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