Biofuel made from CO2 and Sunlight

  1. Sustainability Problem

Energy: Climate change calls for the need to lessen our carbon footprint. One such way to do so is through biofuels. Biofuels are significantly cleaner than their petroleum alternatives, producing much less CO2 emissions. As a result, innovative ways to produce biofuels is needed to combat climate change.


  1. Technology

Article: Joule says “will go commercial in 2017”: solar fuels on the way  

By Jim Lane


  • Joule’s Unlimited’s biofuel is called helioculture, which is a modified cyanobacteria that takes in CO2, sunlight, and some nutrients to produce transportation fuel
  • The fuel produced costs roughly the same price as digging up petroleum
  • The company’s technology’s platform does not require arable land suitable for crop cultivation or potable water, which ensures the company not to compete with food production
  1. Organizational Stakeholders
  • Joule Unlimited
  • Investors
  • General Public
  • Coalition of industrialization partners
  1. Implementation
  • Joule Unlimited closed a $40 million round of financing, to expand its plant in Hobbs, New Mexico to commercial scale by 2017
  • The company plans to establish a coalition of industrialization partners to accelerate the development of carbon-neutral fuels at large scale
  • The ultimate goal is to convert 150,000 tons of waste CO2 into 25 million gallons of ethanol per year at the facility


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