Mosquito Repelling Technology


Problem: Mosquitoes are not only a pest and a nuisance, they are known to carry a variety of infectious diseases, such as: West Nile Virus, Malaria, Yellow Fever, and Zika. They are undoubtedly contributors to public health issues worldwide.

Solution/Technology: Thermacell, which has been making repellent technology for the military, is creating a small and lightweight product for people to carry on their person. People will attach the repellent lantern to a heat source, which will then warm up a”blue repeller pad, which is soaked in allethrin, a synthetic version of an insecticide found in chrysanthemum flowers,” which is more natural and less smelly than most of the chemical-heavy alternatives, as well as citronella candles.


  • Campers/hikers/people who enjoy being outdoors
  • Developing nations that have epidemics of mosquito-born illnesses
  • Everyone else in the world who hates being bit by mosquitos

Implementation: Right now with the Zika crisis, I think it could be helpful if major South American cities did small pilots utilizing this technology, to see if the Zika rates drop in those areas. Perhaps they could either implement a lot of these lanterns in popular public outdoor locations, or perhaps provide them to individual households. Or, perhaps they could contract with Thermacell to build larger models of the lantern to cover a wider radius.


One thought on “Mosquito Repelling Technology

  1. Great post! This prompted me to look further into the Zika virus and find that there are actually different kinds of mosquitoes spreading different diseases. So, like you mentioned, creating a more natural technology that repels mosquito in general can help with not only Zika but dengue, west Nile, etc, as well. I also found it interesting that The Center for Disease Control even suggests natural repellents like lemon eucalyptus for bite prevention.


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