Modular Nuclear Power


Sustainability Problem
Energy demand is increasing and we need more options for clean energy production. Solar and wind are both intermittent and non-dispatchable. Nuclear carries its own major risks but it is still the only utility-scale, non-intermittent electricity source that doesn’t emit carbon. NuScale Power builds modular nuclear plants, which carry less risk and are much less expensive to build than traditional nuclear plants.

The NuScale Small Module Reactor is an advanced light-water reactor wherein each module is a self-contained unit that operates independently within a multi-module configuration. Up to 12 modules are monitored and operated from a single control room.

“At 50 MWe (gross), the NuScale Power Module is the smallest of the light-water SMRs, broadening its market reach and application to markets that require smaller sizes and for customers who wish to make smaller investments in nuclear power.

NuScale’s small size and simple design eliminates many of the large and complex systems (e.g., pumps, motors, valves, piping) found in today’s nuclear power plants and other SMR designs. As a result, NuScale’s plant is safer, and less expensive to build and operate.”

• Small and large scale energy producers (utilities)
• Energy consumers
• Operators
• Policymakers

Steps to implementation
• Conduct additional contained testing and verification
• Create training program
• Market to large corporations, government agencies



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