Detecting Forest Fires using Wireless Sensor Networks

Sustainability Problem

Forest fires have adverse effects on a wide range of environmental, social, and economic assets and are 46% above the 10 year average so far in 2016 in the US.

Technology Article 

  • Most of the time forest fires are discovered too late because they have already spread.
  • Apart from prevention, early detection is the most effective way to minimize casualties and damages.
  • DIMAP-FactorLink, which under the name of SISVIA Vigilancia y Seguimiento Ambiental jointly commercialize projects for the environmental protection, have developed and integrated a forest fires detection system using the products of Libelium.
  • The covered area is about 210 hectares in the North Spain region, comprising the Communities of Asturias and Galicia.
  • The aim was to provide to different organizations of an environmental monitoring infrastructure, with capability to have alert management and to deliver early warning alarms.
  • The system has 3 main parts, the wireless sensor network, the communications network, and the reception center.


  • DIMAP-FactorLink
  • Libelium
  • Residents of areas that are in danger of having forest fires
  • Fire fighters
  • Governments


  • The companies form partnerships with governments and install the systems to monitor forest fires.
  • People are trained to use the technology.
  • These sensors and systems can be used in cities as well.

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3 thoughts on “Detecting Forest Fires using Wireless Sensor Networks

  1. There are three main parts of the technology: (1) wireless sensor network, (2) communications network and (3) reception center.

    The technology minimizes sensors and achieve more accurate readings through instilling (1) relative humidity, (2) temperature and (3) atmospheric sensors in its Gases Board.


  2. Actually it is very easy to do and could make difference as it the most important thing in fire is early detection. Really cool idea. They could even combine the sensors that i have posted in my previous weeks post which uses solar cells to provide energy to sensors which doesn’t needs any maintenance.


  3. I thought this is a cool technology because I was a firefighter and early detection is key to firefighting. One of the most dangerous jobs is fighting fires in forests because of the high winds and the unpredictability of which way the wind will shift. This early detection will make a difference in possibly extinguishing the fire before it gets too big and dangerous to fight. The other factor to constantly monitor is the wind and weather so firefighters can be pulled out of a dangerous situation quickly.


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