Electroloom Mini 3D clothing printer creates seamless, wearable fabric in under 20 minutes

Sustainability Problem

Water usage and discharge in the apparel industry.

Technology Article

3D Fabric Printing:  Electroloom’s technology relies on a proprietary liquid solution and an ‘electrospinning’ process they have dubbed Field Guided Fabrication (FGF), which allows for the direct conversion of raw material into a finished good, with absolutely zero sewing, and only basic CAD skills required.


  • Users begin by creating a mold of the desired garment
  • The mold can be designed in 3D CAD modeling software, a 2D graphics program such as Adobe Illustrator, or it can even be handmade from just about any fabric
  • The mold is inserted into the Electroloom 3D printer’s chamber, followed by the proprietary liquid solution
  • During the FGF process, the solution is guided onto the mold by an electric field, coating and binding the nano-fibers into a seamless, cohesive, 3D fabric.
  • Can create vibrant colored fabrics without the need for secondary dying, water usage, or post-processing
  • According to the company, garments created with the Electroloom 3D clothing printer use 292 times less water than a traditionally manufactured garment.


  • Electroloom
  • Mills
  • Garment producers
  • Fashion/Apparel Brands
  • Apparel global supply chain


  • Vet technology
  • Test with consumers
  • Partner with centers for sustainability and innovation within apparel industry
  • Identify first movers in apparel 3D Printer
  • Implement technology in pilot facilities
  • Scale



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