Organic Battery from Japan That Could Spawn The Next Tesla


  • Sustainability Problem
    • Most high output batteries use lithium oxide which is very expensive. Can catch fire if punctured and loose energy capacity over time with use.
  • Summary of Power Japan Plus Technology
    • Uses organic cotton as its secret ingredient.
    • Modifies the structure of the cotton’s fiber to create unique properties. The result is a Carbon Complex that form the anode and cathode with an organic electrolyte as the the conducting fluid.
    • The batteries operate at a steady temperature, meaning expensive cooling systems are not needed when they are packaged into battery packs for electric cars.
    • It can be charged and discharged thousands of times without losing its energy capacity.
    • Generates more power than a lithium battery and can charge 20 times as fast.
  • Stakeholders:
    • Electric Car Developers
    • Electronic device producers
    • Engineers
    • Consumers



2 thoughts on “Organic Battery from Japan That Could Spawn The Next Tesla

  1. I’m a bit skeptical. Batteries are like a holy grail of sustainability. I find it hard to believe that this is some sort of magic bullet. I guess we will see! As for implementation, I believe they need to focus on proving the concept. They could outfit a car to do one high-profile long-distance drive to show that it does, in fact, work.


  2. I have not seen this cotton based battery before, but there are several other non-toxic methods being explored, such as algae and seawater for the base. Creating more sustainable batteries is a critical part of the green initiative. Thank you for sharing this technology.


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