Smart Cities & Sensors

Smart Cities

  • Problem:

By 2050, 66% of the world’s population will live in cities. Urbanization combined with population growth will add another 2.5B people in 35 years. How to efficiently, securely, effectively, cleanly manage such highly populated cities will be a major area of concern for city planners, utility providers, governments.

  • Technology:

Monitoring a functioning city with millions of people and objects moving at the same time requires sensors to be highly dedicated, accurate, and highly reliable. Smart sensor technologies can be used in cities to enable wireless traffic lights, monitor and control pollution, detect and alleviate traffic congestion, enforce public behavior (ex. Smoking in no-smoking zones), monitor for security and number of other applications.

  • Stakeholders:
    • Cities, Communities and planners
    • Government
    • Environmentalists
    • Law enforcement
  • Implementation:
    • Study cities like Singapore where such sensor technologies are already being successfully used
    • Evaluate understand privacy concerns of citizens
    • Initially deploy to cover small areas and then expand to entire cities



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