Energy from Radio Waves

  1. Sustainability Problem

Energy: Global energy demand is at an unsustainable rate. At this rate, the world will lock itself in an insecure, inefficient, and high-carbon energy system. Thus, innovations are needed to produce energy without consumption of non-renewable energy source. Free volt technology can be a solution to such a problem.


  1. Technology

Article: Charging gadgets using THIN AIR: Freevolt captures radio waves to wirelessly power small devices

By Victoria Woollaston

  • Freevolt transforms energy in signals from TV, Wi-Fi and mobile networks into a current that can be harvested by devices
  • The harvester is capable of absorbing energy from multiple RF bands at almost any orientation
  • The design is scalable and can be used with wearables, sensors, or fitted into large-scale buildings
  1. Organizational Stakeholders
  • Drayson Technologies
  • Imperial College London
  • General Public
  • Investors
  1. Implementation
  • Lord Paul Drayson from Drayson Technologies developed Freevolt with support from Imperial College London
  • Drayson Technologies will license out Freevolt for big partners and a Freevolt developer kit for do-it-yourself customers
  • The first device that will make use of Freevolt technology was already launch in November 2015




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