Energy at your feet



Supplying energy demand:

What if every step you take could produce low-emitting energy that would power your city or town? As you walk down Madison Avenue, each step you take contributes to the powering of the street lamps or the traffic lights. Wouldn’t that be an ideal “smart city” situation; a closed loop that feeds into each other. Creating different renewable energy options is vital in making developed countries less dependent on fossil fuels and supplying a much needed demand for developing countries.


  • British technology company Pavegen, created a flooring that system produces power with each step; they want to put this technology in Lagos, Nigeria’s soccer stadium.
  • Lagos Nigeria has 17 million people and there is serious stress on the grid; 80% of the population rely on diesel generators.
  • The pitch states that with this new flooring, the footsteps of the footballers will power the stadium during a game.
  • This technology was used in Paris’ 2013 marathon (the picture above) but there are limitations in developing countries: how to implement it in rural areas and cost-effectiveness.

Website: The Huffington Post

Title: This High-Tech Soccer Field Generates Its Own Electricity — From The Players

Author: Casey Williams


  • Investors
  • Local government
  • Pavegen
  • Owners of stadiums
  • Local people

Deployment Strategy

  1. Understand the cost-effectiveness, and energy produced from tiles that were placed in Paris Marathon
  2. Get funding from investors to replicate project on a larger scale (soccer stadium)
  3. Pick a region that would benefit the most from this technology
  4. Work with local government, private sector and public to identify obstacles/limitations



One thought on “Energy at your feet

  1. I was going to write about the same technology Mili! I was thinking if it was more cost-efficient than solar… maybe in the future! I’ll try to find something else. Good idea!


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