Enhanced Geothermal Energy


EGS-Enhanced Geothermal Energy

Sustainability Problem

  • ENERGY-Use a renewable energy source (geothermal energy) which gets it’s energy from the sun hitting the earths surface. What makes this method enhanced is the permeable pathways enhanced by injected fluids.


Summary of EGS

  • Wells are drilled thousands of feet into the earths surface where the temperature is upwards of 350 degrees. The drilling must access hot rock to be successful.
  • Cold water is then pumped into the earth which causes the hot rock to crack. When the water travels through these fractures it picks up heat and the hot water is then pumped to the surface where the pressure is decreased to create steam. This hot steam is used to drive turbines which produce electricity.
  • The water is then cooled and pumped through the wells again creating a closed loop system.

Organizational Stakeholder

  • Geothermal Scientists
  • Geothermal contractors
  • Consumers
  • Geothermal subcontractors


First Five Steps for starting a EGS site

  • Develop a geological model of a potential site via surface, geological, geophysical and remote sensing exploration.
  • Assess the temperature, gradient, permeability, in-situ stress, directions of the resource, rock mechanical properties and whether fluid is present.
  • Determine if the necessary characteristics to create a reservoir are present. Create a reservoir. Drill an injection well into the hot rock. Inject water at sufficient pressure. Continue operation until there is enough fractured volume.
  • Drill a production well into the fracture network. The resulting circulation loop allows water to flow through the enhanced reservoir, picking up situ heat. Hot water is then pumped up to the surface.
  •  At the surface, the water flashes to steam. the steam turns a turbine which creates electricity. the water is then recycled.






One thought on “Enhanced Geothermal Energy

  1. It’s a shame that geothermal energy isn’t used more often. It’s a proven technology and been around for decades. Granted the geothermal capacity to produce energy isn’t great everywhere, it still is an under utilized technology.


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