100% Leaf Plates

Sustainability Problem:

Plastic waste is a problem, because it takes hundred of thousands of years to degrade.


Bowl is made out of a layer of leaves, a layer of water-proof leaf-made paper, and another layer of leaves. These layers are compressed with a machine press and the leaves are stitched together with palm fibers


  • Citizens of the world
  • Waste Management Facilities
  • Governments

Steps to Deployment:

  • Continue gathering support on Kickstarter
  • Advertise on Social Media




2 thoughts on “100% Leaf Plates

  1. I haven’t heard of the bowl before but I have heard of recyclable tableware, a spoon made from bamboo. This type of cookware is a good alternative to plasticware that people use and then throw out after one time use.


  2. Great post! Thank you for sharing! What a neat idea, great for camping and easy compost! They almost seem to be a novelty purchase – it would be interesting to see how they would be marketed and perceived by consumers. Will be interesting to follow!


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