Dow Chemical: Influencing Sustainability at the Rio Olympics


Sustainability Problem

The 2016 Rio Olympics which officially begin tomorrow are not without controversy with concerns over air quality and pollution in the waterways where athletes will compete in aquatic events such as rowing. The Dow Chemical Company is partnering with the Olympic Games for a series of projects in an effort to offset the carbon footprint of the games.


One of the carbon mitigation projects that Dow Chemical has introduced for the Rio Olympics is microfoam packaging technology that will be implemented with Latin American based manufacturers. The microfoam packaging is geared for the food industry but could also be applied in other areas such as cosmetics and cleaning products. The microfoam process allows for reduction in weight for plastic films and allows for more packaging material to be produced from the same inputs and a more sustainable profile overall.


  • Dow Chemical
  • Olympic officials
  • Food manufacturers
  • Packaging industry


  • Incorporated into the Rio 2016 carbon mitigation strategy
  • Local manufacturers in Latin America will partner with Dow to produce the packaging
  • External partners will quantify and verify the carbon emissions offset by this process



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