Joule Assets Pays For Customer’s HVAC & Lighting Retrofits


  1. Small to medium size businesses would save money on their utility business and energy consumption if they did energy retrofits to their buildings and HVAC systems, yet 95% of these businesses do not do them because of steep upfront costs.
  1. Joule Assets, has realized this untouched market and is enabling businesses to get their retrofits done which is financed by the yieldco firm. A new form of financing technology is being deployed.
  • The cost of Joule Assets’ services is taken out of the subsequent savings from reduced monthly energy bills.
  • Peak energy consumption is reduced through retrofits, allowing local utilities a sense of peace when it comes to demand and reliability.
  1. The stakeholders involve Joule Assets, New York City’s 99% small to mid-sized businesses that are interested in retrofits, and local utilities.
  1. Financing for performance based market solutions is not a new technology but it is likely to be more common. More utilities could soon be paying for energy savings through a pay-for-performance model and businesses interested should consider a financing mechanism like Joule assets provides.

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