More Effective Rain Water Handling


Problem: Underground tanks that store waste water are over flooding at an alarming rate causing water pollution.  When a storm occurs, these water tanks quickly reach their peak capacity and are unable to hold onto the excess water.

Technology:  A sensor and valve that is added to existing water tanks to measure how full the tanks are.  Weather alerts that are aligned with this sensor inform the tank when a storm is coming so that the water currently in the tank can be safely dumped beforehand.

Stakeholders: Every day citizens who are affected by waste water.  Also, the professionals who work in waste water cleanup business would benefit from this technology.

Implementation:  It would be expensive, timely, and invasive to install these smart valves and sensors onto all existing water tanks.  A likely scenario would be to focus on a small number of tanks first so that the benefits can be adequately measured and implemented again down the road.



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