Plastic Pouches & Coffee Cups Ready for Recycling


1: New Resin made out of paper coffee cups Technology

  • Manufactured by  AShortWalk a new resin which is 40% stronger than conventional practice and made out of non-recyclable paper cups
  • Resin can be molded into other products at high speeds
  • Resin aims for a 50:50 ratio of paper to plastic
  • by products such as plastic lids and straws can be added to the mix to create the resin

2. Problem Technology is Solving

  • 7 million single use coffee cups are thrown out each day in the UK alone
  • challenging to recycle because the cup is made out of a paper and plastic mix
  • Cannot be recycled by ordinary paper waste process
  • Most recycling facilities are not equipped to do this

3. Technology Stakeholders

  • AShortWalk
  • Nextek
  • Imperial College London
  • Companies such as Starbucks, Costa, and McDonalds
  • Consumers of to-go hot beverages
  • Simply Cups

4.  Implementing Technology

  • Small scale role out with one of the companies that would be a seller of these hot beverages (i.e. Starbucks)
  • Develop and build a recycling plant that would exclusively focus on this type of product re-purposing (plastic+paper to make resin)
  • Full country role out in the UK with all major companies in the industry
  • Potential for legislation to get involved upon successful implementation of the technology to the mass market




One thought on “Plastic Pouches & Coffee Cups Ready for Recycling

  1. This is a neat concept. While I definitely hope we eventually figure out a solution that replaces the high amount of coffee cup waste, I think this is a great way to combat a problem that is often overlooked by urban-dwellers.


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