Playing for M.O.R.E. Energy



The increasing demand for energy is putting pressure on the entire energy system, as it has to keep with the rising levels of consumption. In a climate change context, this task results even more difficult because the increase in energy production has to come with a reduction in carbon emissions.

Technology: has developed a kinetic energy technology called M.O.R.E. which basic idea is to turn movement into energy. In this first stage the technology is currently being commercialized in items like balls or jumping ropes, with which people can play while generating energy that they can use to charge their cellphones among other purposes.


  • Energy consumers.
  • Energy companies.
  • Countries´ governments.


The technology is in an early development stage. So far they have only been able to apply it in a small scale (for balls and ropes). By commercializing these initial products, and probably securing funds from other sources, could improve the technology in order to apply in larger scale projects that could actually serve as some larger power generators.


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