Smart Cities – Fighting Crime

Fighting Crime.jpg

  • Problem:

By 2050, 66% of the world’s population will live in cities. Urbanization combined with population growth will add another 2.5B people in 35 years. Effective identification, prosecution and minimization of crimes in cities globally can only be achieved through smart deployment of technologies. The right technologies can also enable more prevention than post-occurrence actions which are time consuming, resource intensive and costly.

  • Technology:

Biometrics is increasingly being used very rapidly and precisely for preventing and catching crimes globally. The various modalities of Biometrics being used either by each one or in combination of multiple modalities have made our environment, institutions and locations more secure and easy to use. Great example of this at the consumer level is the fingerprint technology TouchID from Apple on iPhones.


  • Stakeholders:

Commercial Enterprises

Cities, Communities and planners


Law enforcement

  • Implementation:
  1. Study cities like Singapore where such technologies are already being successfully used for Smart cities
  2. Fully understand and comply with privacy regulations
  3. Initially deploy to cover small areas and then expand to entire cities



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