Super Skinny Home Squeezed Between Buildings in Tokyo

Sustainability Problem

Over 13 million people live in Tokyo and there isn’t a lot of space leading to very expensive and cramped living conditions.

Technology Article


  • In land-scarce Tokyo people are having a hard time finding a place to live.
  • Atelier HAKO Architects has gotten creative and is building homes in the leftover space between buildings. 
  • The architects slotted the skinny three-story Honmachi Residence into a slim lot that, despite its four-meter-wide width (13 feet), feels surprisingly spacious on the inside.
  • They were able to include a porch and windows to provide natural light and ventilation in the small space and the rooftop allows for even more open space.
  • As more and more people all over the world migrate to urban areas the cities will become more crowded requiring creating construction like the work being done by Atelier HAKO Architects.


  • Atelier HAKE Architects
  • Cities and urban areas
  • Current and future residents of cities
  • City governments


  • Atelier HAKE Architects continues to build these structures
  • Try to strike a deal with the government that helps them purchase and build these properties at a reduced price.
  • Expand their work or their ideas to other cities where land is scarce.

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