Video Game for Sustainable City Design

Sustainable Problem: Climate change

Technology: Block’hood

  • Video game that involves designing and constructing smart cities so that users become more familiar with the social and ecological issues that are involved
  • The game will allow users to look at problems from different perspectives and apply them to real world applications
  • The video game takes into account the systems approach
  • Users will become a community that can strategize and propose alternatives



  • Architect, programmer and game designer Jose Sanchez
  • Employees
  • Users
  • Smart Cities
  • Investors


  • Present prototype at the Games for Change Climate Challenge for a chance to win $10,000 to support game development (Block’hood is currently one of four finalists)
  • Gain additional grant funding and sponsorship
  • Create version that could apply to real world situations

Sustainable Brands Article – June 22, 2016


2 thoughts on “Video Game for Sustainable City Design

  1. This idea is effective by changing thought processes around sustainability, which I believe to be the real barrier (besides cost, of course). I don’t think this needs to be created for “real world” solutions, because the culture shift it engenders is it’s main value. I’d suggest promoting it at schools as the next step.


  2. Regardless of its application to the real world, I think this gaming idea is really smart in encouraging people to think more about sustainability technologies around them and worldwide in a fun way and also ways to tackle them. This may be a good idea to educate especially the younger population.


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