E-Waste Recycling Technology

1.The Sustainability Problem:

Waste management is a problem across the world because of rapidly growing populations and reckless consumerist behaviour. It is an even bigger problem for developing countries due to inadequate infrastructure and the use of these countries as dumping ground for derelict equipment and devices that developed countries have no more use for. E-Waste management is, therefore, a critical issue.

2. Sustainable Technology

An automated e-waste shredder by Sims Recycling Solutions that has incorporated a CRT processing element to ensure almost every aspect of electronic waste is salvaged at the end of the recycling process. To ensure that

  • Toxic materials like fluorescent bulbs and batteries as well as parts with concentrations of lead and phosphors are sorted out beforehand within the CRT processing plant,
  • The remaining part of the gadgets is then shredded, sent down conveyor belts where magnets separate metals, and sensors pick out glass from plastics.
  • At the end of the process, two glass cullets are bulked up to CRT manufacturers where they are used to make new CRTs whilst the metals and plastics are bulked and sold to relevant industries.

3. The organisational stakeholders that will benefit from this e-waste processing technology are

  • CRT Manufactures,
  • Municipal Waste Management departments,
  • Businesses and industries that use the recycled plastics and metals as raw material.

4. First three steps in deployment:

  • Municipal waste management departments to provide containers and designated points for e-waste disposal,
  • Collaboration between Sims Recycling Solutions and local authorities to establish the recycling plants
  • Communities and Private Sector to be encouraged to participate in safe disposal programs that feed the recycling plants and eliminates the rubbish heaps in communities.






Comment on ‘Biodegradable Eco-bags‘ post by tw2618 (TIMOTHY WIRANATA)

The cassava bags are converted naturally into carbon dioxide and biomass and leave no toxic residue during or after use.


One thought on “E-Waste Recycling Technology

  1. This technology can even collect the dust and process that so nothing goes to waste. This implies the recycling biz can also be very profitable since the company can not only charge on electronics at the time of purchase but also require collection fees from clients. The dust even becomes valuable now.


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